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High Quality Chocolates


Everyone knows that chocolate makes any holiday or celebration specially sweet!  Luisa Chocolatiere is proud to offer a large array of home made chocolates.  This Chocolates page only shows a small sampler of the choices we offer.  With over 1000 molds in stock, we are confident that we can provide anything your chocolate heart desires!


All our chocolates are handmade for you in our kitchen. The difference between these chocolates and even the best factory-made chocolates has to be tasted to be believed!  The rich, yet delicate texture of high quality chocolate, the silky smoothness of the fillings and the intensity of flavors could only be the creation of a professional chocolatier.  Our chocolates, because they are hand made, have to be ordered early.






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Chocolate Bars


Traditional Chocolate Bar

Item # 8060


Milk, Dark (semisweet) or White Chocolate.
Choice of Color Foil.
Choice of Color Wrapper.
Choice of Graphic Design and 4 Lines Message.
Size: 5 1/4" x 2 1/4"


Weight: 1.75 oz.


Quantity 1-50 51-75 76-100 101-200
Price (each) $3.75 $3.50 $3.25 $3.00



Luisa Signature Boxed Truffles!

Our Assortment of Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Ganache Truffles.

Packaged in our Gold Foil Box, Tied with Burgundy Ribbon Bow.


Item # 2200 - Gift of 48 - $ 76.00

Item # 5502 - Gift of 32 - $ 52.00

Item # 4501 - Gift of 24 - $ 40.00 (Pictured!)

Item # 7301 - Gift of 12 - $ 22.00

Item # 8309 - Gift of 9 - $ 16.00

Item # 231 - Gift of 6 - $ 11.00

Item # 8703 - Gift of 4 - $ 9.00

Item # 305 - Gift of 2 - $ 4.50

Chocolate Frogs


Chocolate Frogs

Item # 3925


Handmade in Your Choice of Milk or Dark Chocolate.

Filled with Vanilla Caramel.  Boxed.


Box of 6 - Weight 4.7 oz. - Price $ 15.00



Chocolate Dipped Apricots!

Item # 3301


Finest Glaced Apricots, Dipped in Milk And Dark Chocolate.

Packaged in Clear Acetate Box, Choice of Color Ribbon.


Weight 6 Oz. - Price $ 20.00



Luisa's Assortment


A Combination of Chocolate Ganache Truffles, Almond Toffee, Caramels, Coconut Haystacks, Peanut Clusters, Australian and Nut Turtles.
Drenched in Milk, Dark And White Chocolate!


Item # 3327 - Weight 17 Oz. - Price $ 44.00


Item # 3330 - Weight 34 Oz. - Price $ 75.00



Pecan, Almond or Cashew Turtles!

Item # 3107


Pecan, Almond and Cashew Turtles. Our Delicious Handmade Turtles are Made with Fresh Nuts, Caramel and Covered with Milk and Dark Chocolate. Packaged in Clear Round Acetate Box, Decorated with Ribbon Bow.


Weight 16 Oz. - Price $ 36.00

Edible Cards


Edible Greeting Cards!

Item # 4100


Your Greeting on a Solid Chocolate "Card" Surrounded with Assorted Truffles.  Please Specify: Happy Anniversary, Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays.  Also Available with Edible Image (Your Logo or Favorite Photo).  Please Call for Details!


Weight 14 Oz - Price $ 36.00

Almond Toffee


Almond Toffee!

Item # 3110


Our Butter-Rich Toffee Enrobed in Milk Chocolate, Smoothered with Chopped Almonds.  Packaged in a Black Box, Tied with Gold Ribbon Bow.


Weight 8 Oz. - Price $ 17.00

Peanut Butter Meltaways


Peanut Butter Meltaways!

Item # 4601


A Delicious Confection, Made with White Chocolate and Creamy Peanut Butter, Drenched in Milk and White Chocolate.


Gift of 24 - Price $ 28.00

Peanut Clusters


Chocolate Peanut Clusters!

Item # 3100


Freshly Roasted Unsalted Peanuts Drenched in Milk and Dark Chocolate. Simply Delicious!  Packaged in our Gold Foil Box, Tied with Burgundy Ribbon Bow.


Gift of 24. - Price $ 25.00

Coconut Haystacks


Coconut Haystacks!

Item # 3105


The Finest Semi Sweet Shredded Coconut Drenched in Our Rich Milk and Dark Chocolate.  Packaged in our Gold Foil Box, Tied with Burgundy Ribbon Bow.


Gift of 24. - Price $ 25.00

Round Chocolate Box


Chocolate Marbled Box!

Item # 6100


Our Handcrafted Masterpiece!  A Box Made in your Choice of Milk or Dark Chocolate, Drizzled with White Chocolate, Filled with 18 Ganache Truffles.  Packaged in Clear Box, Tied with your Choice of Color Ribbon Bow.


Weight 33 Oz. - Price $ 40.00

Honey Graham Crackers


Honey Graham Crackers!


Drenched in Milk and Dark Chocolate. Packaged in Gold Box, Tied with your Choice of Color Bow.


Item # 4010 - Gift of 18 - Price $ 25.00

Item # 4011 - Gift of 12 - Price $ 17.00

Chocolate Fudge

Homemade Chocolate Fudge!

Item # 8000


Creamy and Delicious.  Packaged in a White Box, tied with your Choice of Color Ribbons.  Call Us for Available Flavors.


Weight 8 Oz. - Price $ 8.00

Weight 16 Oz. - Price $ 14.00

Chocolate Cows

3 Chocolate Caramel Cows!

Item # 8050


Made in your Choice of Chocolate or one of each: Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, with a Vanilla Caramel Layer.  Individually Packaged in a Clear Box, with Festive Bows.


Weight 15 Oz. - Price $ 25.00

Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels!

Item # 3108


Thin and Crisp Pretzel Twists, Dipped in Milk, White and Dark Chocolate.  A Combination of the Three or Request your Chocolate Choice.  Packaged in a Clear Acetate Box, Tied with Burgundy and Gold Ribbon Bow.


Weight 12 Oz. - Price $ 20.00

(Need to Pickup Item in Person.  Not Suitable for Shipping Due to Thin Pretzels!)